The legend returns.


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Price for a used historical M 49 on an online reselling platform. Today.


The first M 49 is available and wins the hearts and ears of engineers and talents alike. The remotely controlled change of polar patterns is a revolution in the studios. Instruments and vocals can be recorded on a new reference level. 

70 years later

Tech changed, and workflows are now digital.
The M 49 never left the shortlist for mic choices.
The warm, silky M 49 sound remains iconic.
Studios and artists alike guard their M 49s like treasures.

Only Neumann can pull this.

The know-how, understanding, and archive needed to rebuild a true new version with an identical sound has only one home: Neumann headquarters.

Technical drawing of the microphone capsuleOld document with technical values of the microphone

You cannot copy magic.

The heating filament of a new M 49 V tube gently glows during tests in the production lab. It is here where the unparalleled, warm sound of the M 49 emerges. Every tube is hand-selected.

For years and years, our most experienced microphone experts trialed and tested until we came up with a product that even our most respected producers and sound engineers considered acoustically identical to the historical version, even in direct AB comparison.

Original M 49 microphoneReissue of the M 49 V

The M 49 V

True to the legend in every respect.

We have upgraded the power supply.

The NM V power supply automatically provides the optimal heater voltage for both the M 49 V and any historical M 49; it also adapts to any local mains voltage.

Hand-crafted 100% in Germany:

The typical yoke mount is soldered. We optimized the mechanical decoupling and minimized noise related to the cable structure.

Hand-crafted 100% in Germany:

The typical yoke mount is soldered. We optimized the mechanical decoupling and minimized noise related to the cable structure.

The iconic basket is pressed from three layers of mesh.

The often copied, beveled surface helps to reduce micro resonances and frequency cancellation.

The critical moment when the tube is integrated into the circuitry.

Only three people on earth can assemble an M 49 V.

We call it the breath of life:

The testing procedure for a new M 49 V starts with a gentle breath of air for the humidity check.


Our earlier colleagues never stopped optimizing the circuitry, embedding better tubes, and adding micro innovations. Two additional revisions followed in 1957 and 1964 (M 49 b and c) as well as their broadcast counterparts M 249 b and M 249 c. In this tradition, we have improved details of the overall performance, as well.

New power supply adapts to any M 49 (historical or new) and mains voltage.

New power supply unit

New option for more bass sensitivity; lowers the high pass filter from 30 Hz to 12 Hz (made-to-order option).

New subminiature tube
with even less noise.

M 49 V with cable connected

M 249 RF-proof connector to avoid
high frequency interference
(Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc.).

Traditional S2 switch for fixed ­cardioid raises sensitivity by 2 dB and lowers noise by 3 dB (made-to-order option).

Technical drawing of the S2 switch


“I had an artist plus three producers here and they all fell out of their chairs, ­hearing your and my M 49. The singer literally stopped singing after two or three words …

Michael Ilbert, Grammy Award Engineer/Mixer

Hansa Mix Room, Berlin

“Whatever I tried, the M 49 V is not ­distinguishable from the original M 49. I love the M 49 V, and I’m sure you will too.”

Jan van der Toorn

the arc studios, Berlin

I would not pass an A-B blind test with the original M 49.”

René Moeller

Teldex Studios, Berlin

“I set up the mic, went to the control room and felt a big YES! The M 49 V might be my ­preferred ­future vocal mic and I need at least one.”

Axel Reinemer

JRS Studio, Berlin

“The biggest pleasant surprise: noise floor and most relevant, timbre of the new tube Neumann selected for the reissue cannot be distinguished from that of the AC701, even under the most critical listening conditions.”

Klaus Heyne

German Masterworks

“The U 47 fet, U 67 and now the M 49 – Neumann have consistently shown that they can create beautiful sounding reissues of their ­classic ­microphones.”

Oli Jacobs (Peter ­Gabriel, Harry Styles, Charli XCX, Diplo) 

Associate Engineer Real World Studios­

Only 25 mics a month.

The meticulous production process and scarce supplies limit production.

M 49 V with power supply unit

The magic starts here.

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